William Kentridge

Online film programme

September 29 to October 3, 2020

at 18H00 (SAST) each day

Goodman Gallery is pleased to present a William Kentridge online film festival, on the occasion of the artist’s latest solo exhibition in Johannesburg.
The festival will also mark the premiere of City Deep, the anticipated 11th film in Kentridge’s Drawings for Projection, a series of animated films drawn over 30 years, featuring the protagonist Soho Eckstein. The festival culminates in the premiere of City Deep, which will be preceded by the other ten films from the series, as well as other film works by Kentridge and the first part of his renowned Norton Lectures, delivered at Harvard University in 2012.

29th September

Drawing Lesson One: In Praise of Shadows, 2012

30th September

Second-hand Reading2013 

Sibyl, 2019

1st October

Drawings for Projection: Part 1, 1989 to 1994

2nd October

Drawings for Projection: Part 2, 1996 to 2011

3rd October

City Deep, 2020