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ruby onyinyechi amanze

the ones that stayed 

2 December 2020 to 9 January 2021

Goodman Gallery London



ada and audre 

the beginning and the beginnings’ parallel.

We are unnamed, but the loveliest

Diving through windows. More potential than a door

Diving, reckless joy. 


Okadas fly downhill (helmets are nasty, hover them over your head)

What does a runner know of the water? 


Swimming pools, oceans contained (wet architecture)

A Water Woman gave birth to me 

under a Water sun. 

part I [GOODBYE 2012-2020]


houseplants die in August,

pigeons never. But Pidgin, goodbye. Merman, goodbye. 

(were you ever really here?)

And to all the ghosts, you are eternal and in need of nothing 

For lending your essence, I touch my forehead to the ground 

Sue, I miss you the most. That face. Mapped divinity.

My darling-darling Twin, 

So devious you were    So, flexible   So, chi 

from the departed, the only one I ever loved 

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